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When courts rule, how final is that ruling? If a parent runs up against a judge or other court personnel they don’t feel gave them a ‘fair shake’ is there recourse?

If you’ve gotten an order for child support that is now beyond your ability to pay, are there ways you can have it adjusted?

What do you do? And where do you start?

Once you’re in court, do you have any rights? Some insist they don’t.

One of the cases many are following involves the father of a little boy who found himself battling against his pediatrician wife over the child’s gender identity.

Despite a myriad of reasons for discontinuing the ‘therapies’ — some of which will be permanently physiologically irreversible — a judge ruled in favor of the adoptive mother’s decision to alter the child’s male physique to reflect that of a girl.

The case shows just how convoluted these situations can become with judge’s rulings conflicting each other and the situation resembling more a tennis match than a court case.

  1. › helpsavejamesSave James – Home – FacebookSave James 1h · In my opinion, the Writ of Mandamus that Jeff Younger filed contained a lot of valuable information that again proves that #UnethicalandCorruptJudgeMaryBrown abused her discretion and was a party to CHILD ABUSE and CHILD TRAFFIC by ignoring the following: 1.
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  5. › cbnnews › usTexas Judge Reverses ‘Save James’ Decision, Gives Mom Who …Aug 15, 2020 · Georgulas’ motion was granted and Cooks was removed from the case in December. According to the “Save James” Facebook page, a page ran by individuals interested in the case, both Younger, Georgulas, and the boys will be required to attend family counseling that will cost Younger $5,000 a month, in addition to a $10,000 retainer by a counselor.
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