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Do Insurance Companies Use Apps to Spy on Insureds?

We’d love to tell you ‘No — that’s a ridiculous rumor!’ but the truth is a bit more disconcerting than that.

The truth is they are not only able to spy on your driving but many of them are doing so — without your knowledge, permission or any consideration for your privacy or your rights.

Auto Insurers May Be Spying on Your Driving Through Your Phone’s Apps – Business Insider

Tech is moving at breakneck speed in today’s market and consumers can be slow to react to new methods of infringing on their privacy. How is this happening? Is there a way to stop it?

Your car is spying on you. This free app helps you delete the data. (

Is privacy no longer even a consideration of the large corporations with which one must ‘do business’ in order to comply with the ‘laws of the land’?

Suddenly, people are becoming aware of the capacity for spying their phones represent. ‘App’ driven computing is finding consumers may question the necessity and not just the convenience of allowing them access to their private data as well as with whom their details are being shared.

Spying on Your Driving: Weather Apps, Gas Price Apps, More – Kelley Blue Book (

The links on this page lead to a a variety of stories that discuss this topic in greater detail and offer insights into some of the methods involved, some of which are being used to determine whether or not they even want you for a client!

Can you lose your insurance over information the app is providing to the insurer? Absolutely.

Are you likely to know what criteria was used to cancel you or even how it was obtained? Not necessarily — doubtful, in fact.

Some of these apps can be ‘customized’ to prevent such loss of privacy. Knowing how to limit their capacity for spying is integral to maintaining some level of autonomy without compromise, Check out the links for more information and, as always, buyer beware.

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