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Can Covid Tests Be Dangerous?

Though the deep nasal swab is considered the gold standard for picking up viruses, guidelines from the IDSA concluded that shallower swabs work almost as well and are an acceptable alternative. To be thorough, healthcare providers may also swab the back of your throat.4 days ago Guide to Getting Tested for the Coronavirus - Consumer Reports

Those saying nasal swabs don’t injure people discuss ‘soft swabs’, a method of test that people are often able to do themselves.

Those reporting nosebleed and chronic headaches, vertigo and olfactory nerve damage are speaking of a much more difficult test — one administered with a device that looks similar to the ‘coffee stirring paddle’ found in commercial restaurants.

They told me it would ‘tickle’. Instead, it was very painful and I immediately suffered both a headache and a nosebleed — both of which have continued [the headache constant and the nosebleeds intermittently] since the test. There were two nurses that were basically holding me down from the minute I agreed to allow the Covid test so I could spend the night in the hospital due to what I had been told might be a stroke. It was horrible — so horrible that I now can’t go to the hospital, I was so traumatized.

Texas Hospital Patient ‘Amy’ given the Covid test July 16, 2020

Guide to Getting Tested for the Coronavirus – Consumer Reports

Stick This Swab Up Your Nose And Twirl It: Self COVID-19 Tests Are On

The Rise

“The holy grail of testing is really something where people can test themselves on a regular basis,” Landon said. “You don’t need staff or people to wear [personal protective equipment] to do the collecting. You don’t need them to be there if you just hand people a sample and they can pick up a kit and take it home.”