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BABY ON BOARD: What are they doing to our preborn and newborn babies?

It’s shocking to see the number of cases involving preborn and newborn babies that are coming to light as pharmaceuticals — and the damage they can cause — are being investigated, evaluated and reviewed by teams hoping to avoid the long term damage infants often suffer.

Recently, Tylenol has been targeted as one of the causes of Autism. If even Tylenol has proven unsafe during pregnancy, why would other medications be utilized during a baby’s development?

Today, the latest drug under fire over the risk it may present to newborn infants is one designated as an antipsychotic. Domperidone. Antipsychotic drugs are considered to present a risk to those taking it — but since psychosis is a serious illness, many deem it worth whatever risks it might entail.

Nonetheless, it’s now being prescribed to assist lactation — even in people not designed to lactate. It’s being touted as a means for the trans community to facilitate breast feeding.

Martina Navratilova condemns the use of domperidone by transgender women as a lactation aid, despite the potential harm to newborns. (

This is so irresponsible. Most mothers don’t even take aspirin to protect the milk and their babies. Shame on anyone even trying this!

This is so irresponsible. Most mothers don’t even take aspirin to protect the milk and their babies. Shame on anyone even trying this!

Martina Navratilova on the use of Domperidone, banned in the US for its antipsychotic properties and now being used to promote lactation

Williams and Murphy have campaigned relentlessly to reach this point. It is by no means the endpoint – even now, an estimated three babies are born each month having been exposed to the drug. Together, the women formed In-Fact (the Independent Fetal Anti Convulsant Trust) to find and support families like theirs. They were instrumental in the creation of an all-party parliamentary group to raise awareness in government. They went to Geneva to get foetal valproate spectrum disorder (FVSD) included in the latest version of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases.

MSN story about two women and their organization, In-Fact

Perhaps most crucially, they uncovered papers from the early 1970s that revealed the key decisions that informed how the drug would be prescribed. They found notes from the manufacturer, Sanofi, that stated that valproate could be teratogenic – harmful to foetuses. They also found the response from the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM), then the main decision-making body on new medicines, which concluded that the risk was low and that patients should not be informed, in order to avoid “fruitless anxiety”.

— MSN on In-Fact

All this has taken 15 years, but Williams has been battling for a lot longer. “Both my boys are now in their 30s,” she says. “We realised what had happened when our youngest was just 12 months.”

MSN Report on In-Fact

There have been so many diagnoses, — Cerebral palsy, autism, deafness, hypermobility, sensory processing disorder – they’ve all got different, unique challenges. Lauren is at uni now and she came back the other day and was so giddy. She said: ‘I’ve found a friend!’ She’s 19, but people have always seen her wheelchair, or her splints, or her frame, before they see Lauren. The emotional damage this has done to the children is just horrific.

Emma Murphy, Founder of In-Fact