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American College of Pediatricians Takes an Unprecedented Stand

In an unexpected and politically divisive move for doctors and hospitals alike, the US College of Pediatric Medicine has taken a stand against what many deem to be ‘elective’ surgeries designed to accommodate a political perspective and not to facilitate a medically necessary intervention.

This, just as opponents are encouraging what they see as permanently ‘damaged’ participants to sue those that promoted such life-altering and permanent changes to their bodies and lives with little chance of returning to ‘normalcy’ should they regret their initial decisions.

Disheartening stories of disfigurement and permanent debilitation are becoming commonplace amongst those that say they were prematurely encouraged to make decisions they did not understand well enough to provide true informed consent. Many say they were improperly informed about the potential biological ramifications and, thus, were essentially ‘tricked’ into believing they could literally ‘change’ sexes.

Some of them describe wanting to ‘change back’ only to discover the physical impossibilities of reversing course and discover too late that attempts to ‘remove’ the elements of their initial decision are, essentially, futile.

In the ‘rush to judgement’ that critics contend led to unnecessary surgeries and biologically ‘damaged’ youngsters across the globe, the loss of parental rights has paralleled virtually every facet of the ongoing argument between those who profess to have the ‘best interests’ of the children involved ‘at heart’ — while parents and others insist that the issue is largely financial gain for those interested only in ‘exploiting’ the confusion of the children in their care.

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Children, known for enjoying cartoons and other fantasy-based entertainment, should be able to ‘pretend to be’ whatever they wish without making changes to their physiology in order to make their fantasies into reality — at least according to the critics of ‘gender affirming care’ and, for now at least, it would appear the US College of Pediatricians agrees.