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Another Amusement Park Death

Few things would be more terrifying than ‘coming loose’ during an amusement park ride and finding yourself flung into the air with no hope of survival.

It would be tantamount to driving off a cliff.

One of the consistent elements in these stories is the lack of an easily connected safety belt or other device designed to hold one in their respective seats. Usually, not always but usually, weight or size of an individual is a factor in the mechanical failure that ultimately results in a disaster.

It is, quite frankly, NOT a good idea to insist upon taking ‘rides’ on equipment not designed to accommodate your physique.

This could just as easily apply to someone that’s taller, smaller or ‘built’ differently. Is any ride actually worth risking your life?

Settlements aside, you likely won’t be around to collect if you’re tossed from an amusement park ride and this has happened to more people than you might realize. It’s simply not a pleasant way to end a life.

Ultimately, it’s up to you, the consumer, to say ‘No’ to the go and bypass anything you feel poses a risk to your personal health or safety.