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What do you really know about Identity Theft? How does it occur and what can you do to protect yourself? Because if it happens to you, the fallout is almost incomprehensible.

When an L.A. Times reporter’s identity was stolen, it started a cascade of events that she describes as ‘a lightning strike’ that she expected to end.

Not so much.

This is an excellent expose concerning the various aspects of ‘ID Theft’ and all of the issues that accompany it. If you have not considered paying attention to this issue, this eye opening review can help you avoid such a disaster and open your eyes to the imminent threat that our online lives represents.

The takeaway? The safeguards most people assume are in place, are actually not in place at all. If this happens to you, it’s basically ‘on you’ to address it. Like most things in today’s world, nothing is as easy as it should be and few of those tasked with helping you are earnestly concerned with assisting you.

When it comes to your identity, your financial health and protecting your name, credit and credentials, it’s you and you alone.