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Scams Abound: Stay alert and don’t be taken in

They’re out there, teams of ‘boiler room’ telemarketers scrambling to take advantage at every turn.

You don’t have to be a victim.

Taking your time, drawing out the conversation to your own advantage, working to ascertain the true identity of the scammer on the other end of the time — all of these things can help prevent you from being scammed by the unscrupulous among us and save you time, money and aggravation in the process.

DO NOT HESITATE to get one of our investigators on the line with you if you even think you’re being targeted by online scammers.

We don’t charge a fee to assist and we can help ascertain the risk in real time before you have provided key elements of your online persona to con men, teasing every tiny piece of private information from you under the guise of helping you.

Common scams entail AI assisted thieves convincing you a loved one is in jeopardy and range from falsified communiques from attorneys, banks and other ‘trusted’ individuals.

Don’t be fooled. Instead, conference us or other assistive entities into the conversation in real time. DO NOT provide ANY information to an individual that contacts you on the phone to report any type of inconsistency, threat or other problem before you have hung up, taken a breath and then verified what they’ve told you to be factual.

No legitimate caller will take issue with you checking to see that the call is authentic and the threat verified prior to proceeding.

Very few components of such consumer complaints are going to take your side if you’re scammed in spite of the logistics involved. We are working to verify this side of the issues as we write but, trust us, if you’re out thousands, chances are you will have to suffer the loss.

Rather than take the chance, it’s best to err on the side of caution and hang up the phone, checking the details before you engage further with the caller that initially contacted you.

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