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Upcharged by a Hotel?

If you’ve stayed at a hotel or two, you’ve probably encountered an issue with upcharges.

Most hotel chains are relatively honest — but issues do occur. We’ve heard of people being accused of smoking when they didn’t, or leaving pet damage when it did not happen.

If you have encountered any of these issues, we’re well aware of how determined they can be to lay their expenses on you. After all, if they can accuse you of smoking in a room and upcharge your card $150 for being inviolation of their non-smoking policy, you’ve just paid for carpet cleaning for that room and probably even a second or third room.

Doing this can defray normal expenses for a hotel chain. Doing it repeatedly can alter their profit and loss statement significantly!

You would be surprised to discover the number of times this happens to people when they were not even notified that it was being done. It just appears on the hotel bill after the fact.

We can help you recover these funds even if it happened months ago. A scam is a scam and silence should not be misconstrued as consent.