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A lot of people are encountering issues they’ve never faced in their entire lives. It’s very common to discover that you’re encountering issues for which there are no ‘easy aswers’ — but there is help available and a method to ensure that you aren’t making mistakes that will cost you down the road.

I have a number of issues that stem from Covid-19. My husband’s job switched him to a new company, even though he’s still at the same place. I have questions about the new insurance — which will now cost twice as much. He’s somewhat disabled, but still working. My adult children are disabled and I need to help them with their issues. All in all, I have a lot of questions. How do I know where to begin and what to do first?? I’d love to see a light at the end of my tunnel.

When an employer becomes a nemesis

Should I simply trust that the company for which I’ve worked for over 25 years has my best interests at heart? Or should I consider that corporations will often do what they’re widely known to do which is to act solely with the benefit of the corporation in mind? I do not want to alienate the very people I depend upon for benevolence — but I feel strongly that I need to be prepared to defend myself and find out my rights before they’re violated.

Don’t assume that there’s no help for your issue or that you will have to spend a small fortune to obtain assistance.

Usually — not always, but usually — you don’t have to hire an attorney — at least not in the conventional sense.

The reason is that there are many companies that will take your case because it’s one of their specialties. Think Lemon Law. Business fraud. Even ‘Class Action’ cases with multiple clients.

Often, you can obtain excellent legal representation with no out-of-pocket expenditures.

There is no charge to consult with our investigators to see which option suits your situation.

Call us 24/7. We have operators standing by to assist you.

Is it ever a good idea to represent yourself? Sometimes — but it’s rarely necessary.

Would you like to be on the phone with an attorney right now? Let us make it happen!

The frustration of dealing with attorneys that want to take weeks to schedule a consultation and charge $250 or more for consults that often result in the firm telling you that yours is the wrong kind of case. Don’t let this happen to you!

So you bought something: did you get what you paid for?

Is it actually possible to obtain assistance from law enforcement for specific types of fraud?

Yes — especially if there’s evidence that the situation you’ve encountered with a specific company is not an isolated event.

Some companies simply commit fraud until it uncovered and subsequently prosecuted. It’s a matter of time until two or more victims discover each other or an investigator uncovers a pattern of abuse. If there is such a pattern, there is a good chance fraud is part of their ‘success story’.

If you suspect that the products you have purchased were intentionally misrepresented, the first step is to request an inspection to determine exactly what was installed.

Many contractors ‘pad’ their profit margin by installing something other than what was specified in their contract.

If this has happened to you, you have a case against the company in question — and there are lawyers only to happy to assist.

Whatever your legal issue, we’re here to assist you in putting together the facts of your situation so that it can be properly provided to an attorney that specializes in the area of law pertinent in your case.

Typically, this is done quickly with the documentation that you provide to our investigators. If there are additional ‘pieces’ or documents that would help to tie up any ‘loose ends’, we will recognize that and help you to build a stronger case for your attorneys to take before the court.

If you believe you have been defrauded, you need to reach out to those in a position to assist you — whether it be companies like ours or governmental agencies that are able to take complaints and hold business owners accountable for their actions.

Failing to take action against those defrauding consumers will only lead to more of the same — and, too often, those defrauded cannot afford the financial losses involved. To stop a bad company from continuing a pattern of abuse is actually a service to society.

Remember: You only have to tell your story once!

When we assist you in building the details of your case into a functional bit of evidence, you have all the tools you need to begin a campaign of exposure that will, ultimately, allow a potential perpetrator to explain themselves in a court of law.

Perhaps the decision makers are unaware of the situation or a manager has taken a different tactic than the company itself might have considered ‘operationally effective’ in the past.

Perhaps your complaint hasn’t reached the right people or a ‘personality conflict’ was reported to be the issue when something far more nefarious was in play.

Consumers must be savvy enough to enlist the additional assistance they need in order to right a wrong or establish a case that can be utilized to bring about a positive conclusion to a difficult situation.

Sometimes, companies can resolve these issues without going to any court, anywhere. We pride ourselves on bring about a rapid remedial plan that is satisfactory to both sides.

We can — and will — help you!

Some Useful links

Have you reached out to all of the governmental agencies that are tasked with managing consumer fraud?

Check this list to be sure!

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