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My Grandmother was Scammed!

“My grandmother got a call a few weeks ago from someone that told her that her ID had been used to open a cellular phone account with a cellular company. They told her the bill was over $1,500.00 and that if she didn’t pay it, she could lose her car. She told me they agreed to ‘settle’ with her for all the money she had in her bank account at that moment: $152.00. She was scammed. Do we have any recourse? How do we help her recover her loss and stand up for her rights in such situations? We want to make a difference here but don’t have unlimited funds to track down these people and recover those funds — if any of the information they provided her was even accurate.”

** Your Legal Assist corrected this situation with a telephone contact that lasted under five minutes. People that are perpetuating crimes against the vulnerable are well aware that their actions can land them in legal hot water. Don’t guess: Let us help!