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Homeschooling: The Ins and Outs of State Law

Homeschooling has gained in popularity since people were forced into trying it: in the end, Covid brought about an awakening among parents.

Not only did parents begin to understand they could accomplish schooling their children themselves, they discovered the benefits of ending the issues plaguing America’s schools: gone were the bullies, the constant ‘indoctrination’ into groups that don’t mirror the family’s morals and values and the ‘competition’ amongst children of all ages to ‘be something’ other than what they were designed to be.

Thus, the negative factors associated with schools went on full display — and parents were not [always] impressed.

If you’ve decided to continue ‘homeschool’ and ditch the negatives of the public school system once and for all, you may need or want some additional guidance necessary to discontinue ‘formal education’ once and for all. We’re glad to assist! Call us for additional information.