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My billfold was stolen — and all my documents with it

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Chalk it up to having fun, but I screwed up royal when visiting a very public place and the next thing I knew I was short my billfold.

Everything I have was in there and, with COVID-19 a factor, the very thought of having to replace all those ‘irreplaceable’ document leaves me feeling sick at heart.

What are my options? Where do I begin? And WHY didn’t I take pictures of all of those things when my billfold was lying there on the nightstand, looking like the decades long friend it’s become.

A worse thought, though, is where it is now: Whose got it? What are they doing with that ‘motherlode’ of personal documents and information? What disaster am I in for in the coming weeks or years with my ‘world’ out there floating around in the hands of who knows whom?

I am in debt and now Covid is ruining my work life

There are options available for people that are caught in the nightmare the ‘COVID’ has wreaked on America. You will be amazed at how versatile your reporting can be. Call us for details, we’re here to help!

Do you feel like you’re between an impossible thing and a difficult one? How much research does one have to do before they can come to a comprehensive understanding of their own situation and become an advocate in your own corner? If you’ve been blindsided by a catastrophe that’s left you in a financial bind, call for details! Our services are always free and you can obtain the assistance you need to make a difference that can save you thousands. There are many ways to become your own best friend in terms of financial independence. It is possible to climb out: no matter how deep the well. Call us today for details! We look forward to hearing from you!

Can you assist me with making a financial decision? Could there be alternative options I need to consider?

New Laws?

If you’re being hounded or abused by creditors while trying to get back on your feet financially, there is assistance available that can provide you with more time to work through your issues. Never assume there’s no help!

“I didn’t even realize there was help for my problem.”

I’m a business owner that has taken a few hard hits over the ‘virus’ issue: I’ve been told there’s nothing I can do to get going again — but I would hate to think I gave up too easily or that a fix was in the works that would have helped me maintain my business. How can. I make sure I’m not being rash?

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