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“I’m being scammed by my phone company!”

Telephone companies aren’t what they used to be. We hear constantly about virtually every conceivable scam being run on the consumer by — of all people — their trusted telephone companies.

Some of them have had the same carriers for decades — but they don’t fall in line with what’s happening in their own fields. Companies that don’t charge competitive rates are common, yet consumers may not realize that changes in the field should result in savings for them — so those potential savings go unrecognized.

Here are just a few of the scams operating now but cellphone companies aren’t the only ones taking advantage.

Can you move your number to a new company, even if it’s a landline?
The answer has changed! Now it’s commonplace to accomplish exactly that.

What about Two Factor Identification: Can it backfire? YES! Watch the video below.

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Sharon Hussey’s smart response to being scammed resulted in her helping herself when no one else would.

PLUS: What to do when you’re in a quandary over how to handle your phone company and the issues they themselves are causing? It’s not an insurmountable issue. Call Us. We can help.

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