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Class Action Suits: The Big Picture

There are always a myriad of class actions at any given point in time.

Faulty products, dangerous drugs, chemical exposure, contaminants — all can appear to be fine at the outset, with the true issues only coming to light after the damage is done.

What follows is a series of sites that seek to keep consumers apprised of what’s happening and where in the world of class action suits.

  1. Definition: A class action lawsuit involves one person or a small group of people suing on behalf of a larger group who have all suffered the same injury. These injuries can be either physical or financial, ranging from concussions to money lost on products that were defective or falsely advertised12.
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Consumer Action – Class Action Database

Remember, class action lawsuits aim to seek justice for a collective group, ensuring that everyone affected has a voice in the legal process.

A Kansas City jury has found the National Association of Realtors, HomeServices of America and Keller Williams guilty of colluding to inflate or maintain high commission rates through NAR’s Clear Cooperation Rule, in the Sitzer/Burnett buyer broker commission l…

Missouri jury finds Realtors, brokerages guilty of conspiracy