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DNRs, Brain Death and Suicide Ideation

Can people [in the medical field] actually ascertain whether or not a person is brain dead?

This question has been repeatedly asked without any clear answers: do we know? Can we tell? What evidence is there to suggest that someone — perhaps an individual that is ‘locked in’ is actually unresponsive because there is no brain activity?

Lisa Marie Presley Died In Medically Induced Coma, Family Signed DNR

By most accounts, Lisa Marie Presley was dealing with deep depression in the ensuing months since the death of her 27 year old son.

Perhaps it’s true she simply couldn’t shake the darkness that enveloped her and, sadly, lost her will to live.

But why a DNR? And under whose direction did that occur?

If Ms. Presley didn’t want to go on living, she was certainly capable of making that decision and even acting upon it.