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Wearing a Mask is Not for Me

If you are having difficulty that you believe is due to a loss of your personal rights and freedoms, there are forums is which you can research your grievances. Contact us for further details!

What are your rights when you find yourself on the outside of the ‘status quo’? Many people are concerned about wearing a mask: humans were not designed to breathe C02 and in the current, Covid-19 climate, many feel they have no choice but to comply with directives they believe are misguided if not criminal. Their position? That the ‘nonsensical actions’ of some of America’s largest corporations have caused many people to forego a normal existence for one that is not in their best interest. Even sheriffs throughout the country have indicated that they do not intend to allow their agencies to be used to enforce such measures.

Who decides and what, actually, are your rights?

I have the right to be in public without a mask

How do I handle those ‘sensitive’ people who choose to tell me what I should or should not be doing?

It’s your decision how to handle the Covid-19 issues plaguing society at present. Too often, people intrude into the lives of others without much forethought — and these ‘moments’ are often fraught with emotion.

First, do attempt to avoid altercations. You’re not likely to change the opinions of others when they’re in ‘attack mode’ no matter how ‘just’ your position seems at the time.

This goes for altercations with security guards, floor walkers and even private citizens who’ve decided they have a right to infringe on your privacy with their personal opinions. Walk away.

Are masks healthy? Are they safe?

Driving? Remove Your Mask

Driving in a car alone whilst wearing a mask is, according to those dealing with the accidents that have occurred because of decreased oxygen levels is simply not a good plan. Save a life and take off the mask.

Vaccidents? Is that a real thing?

Therehas been a measurable increase in auto accidents since the beginning of the vaccine campaign that have impacted populations worldwide.

We recommend doing your homework before deciding to drive following vaccination in an attempt to curb situations in which others are negatively affected.

How does one establish their position without having to go to court to do it? What rights do citizens have and how can they ensure that their opinions are as enforceable as those that are most consistent with those considered to be mainstream? Further, things change so rapidly it’s difficult to stay ahead of them.

If you believe that you have been injured in an accident that involves vaccines, check out our story on the lawyers who are joining the fight over the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Do your homework. Make sure you cover all the bases and check out all of your options before proceeding when dealing with anything vaccine related. This is a very divisive issue and each of the two sides are adamant that their position is the correct one.

Can attending a legal clinic help you?

It certainly couldn’t hurt your position. Online or in person, you can learn a lot from the lawyers and other legal professionals that host legal clinics of one kind or another.

Some of the common ones are asset protection, planned giving and real estate. Join in! You’re sure to learn something useful and make a few new friends in the process.

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