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Today, privacy is paramount to securing your personal information online. Without it, you are ripe for victimization from a myriad of threats — some of which can cost you far more than you might have imagined.

Within the fast-paced, surveillance-oriented world of computers today lies a very real threat even to the most ‘average’ of consumers.

Are you politically oriented? Do you like to voice your opinions online? Are there sites you visit — or even sites your family members might visit — that would be considered ‘forums’ for sharing information some might consider ‘alternative’ viewpoints?

Are you politically active? Do you intend to become so?

Have you purchased information — including books or movies — with which someone might find fault?

Do you like to investigate health options one might describe as alternatives to the conventional methods of healing? Have you purchased raw milk or other nutritional options?

Have you chosen to go against what others might describe as ‘conventional norms? Have any ‘conspiracy theories’ interested you?

There are thousands more questions we might ask but if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any one of the above-mentioned questions, you might be justified in seeking out online privacy methods.

Brighteon’s Mike Adams addresses VPNs, Google phones and more.

There are so many ‘tricks’ that are being utilized against the public at this point that virtually no one can consider themselves to be untouchable because even if you don’t hold any ‘alternative’ opinions today, there’s no guarantee that you will continue to agree with the ‘conventional wisdom’ in the future.

— The Privacy Team

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