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OZEMPIC: The Dangers are Evident — Where is the Accountability?

The latest ‘fad’ to overtake the diet drug market isn’t even a diet drug: it’s a diabetes drug with a unique side effect: weight loss.

Fast, dramatic weight loss, no less.

And even though some people — Sharon Ozborne, for example — are criticizing it over their experiences citing extreme weight loss, it’s in greater demand than even the most diet drugs, ever.

Mental Health Disorders – Suicide Ideation – Stomach issues – Weak laws that allow off-label use?

Even Ozborne’s daughter is touting the fad along with dramatic ‘after’ pictures of the chronically overweight young woman, who has publicly struggled with her weight virtually all of her life.

But how safe is it, really?

Dr. Bryan Ardis – The Dangers of Ozempic and Other Venom Based Drugs (

Illinois woman who vomited so violently after using Ozempic that she tore her ESOPHAGUS joins huge legal fight against maker of blockbuster weight loss drug – as Novo Nordisk braces for up to 10,000 lawsuits (

Dr. Ardis reports that just 12 to 36 Months of use is known to cause cancer. He further warns that there is a ‘black box’ warning on the drug and it’s not allowed to be prescribed in any European countries.

It comes, he states, from the Gila monster [desert lizard] venom that contains a hormone and 50% of that venom is identical to a hormone found in humans, known for causing chronic nausea, vomiting and even the paralysis of intestine, vagal nerve and stomach.

The vagal nerve allows passage of your food into the intestine. Without proper function, the food will stay in the stomach. This can [and does] result in cyclic vomiting.

Although the drug has so many fans even Elon Musk has admitted to its use, Dr. Ardis and others are working to warn the public against Ozempic before the anticipated lawsuits ensue.