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Lost Title: Can people really take control of my property?

The short answer here: Yes! They can! And, increasingly, they do!

Many people are watching Glen Beck’s advertisements about losing title to property without benefit of disclosure — seemingly facilitated by the counties in which they’re located.

Although we find this outrageous — we can assure you it is happening, and worse, it’s increasingly common!

It pays to check the record at times — or you can sign on with the company Glen Beck advertises — but it’s strange that a ‘company’ is notified when anything strange is happening on your ownership documents — while owners are not! It’s about $15.00 per month to sign up and the name of the company is TitleLock, found online at

While we agree it should NOT be necessary and that this entire issue is one that should NOT be happening ‘across the board’ [and it appears to be far more common than anyone anticipated], we believe that in this particular case the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, is probably worthy of consideration.

Until this issue is corrected, get a second set of eyes on your ownership documents and rest easy. Trust us, it’s extremely expensive to resolve this issue after someone’s laid claim to your real estate without your knowledge.