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I work from home. Are there any special issues here?

Working from home during Covid 19 took the world by storm. Virtual assistants of every type and kind flooded the Internet and brought about a surge of interest in home-based business opportunities unlike anything we’d seen before.

But one trend, AI, is bringing with it new controls for remote workers to consider — as one worker discovered only after she’d been sued for $5,000.00 by her employer — who had proof enough to convince the court she’d collected fees for work she had not accomplished.

Remote Worker Sued for Damages by Irate Employer Over Wages Paid for Work Undone

When the smoke cleared, she had to pay the employer $ 1,500.00.

Did she know she was being monitored so closely? Did she sign a contract agreeing to such stringent oversight? Did she, in effect, cheat her employer?

All these and more should be considered when looking for work-from-home opportunities. Granted, there’s a lot more freedom in home-based work but there’s also a higher degree of accountability and only the most diligent can employers trust to do what they’ve agreed — unless, of course, they have ways to know what work is being done.