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Q: I got a settlement check [$155,000.00] when my husband died, leaving me alone with our four children. I put a down payment on a Lake Havasu City, AZ house with a ‘flipper’ an LHC realtor knew. Both the flipper and the title company representative advised me that f I made payments regularly, I’d have no trouble refinancing my house in the necessary two year timeframe, which featured a balloon at the end of that two years.

I faithfully made 24 months of payments, only to discover my timely payments were NOT reported to the credit bureaus — leaving me with no options for a refinance. The ‘flipper’ came back and demanded $7,000.00 more to transition my loan [refinance it] and he would then continue to carry it — but with a nearly $500 increase in the monthly payments on TOP of that $7,000.00!

An attorney I consulted did tell me he couldn’t add $7,000.00 onto the balance of the house — but that didn’t stop him from putting the house back into his name, preventing me from being able to refinance the house with someone else. It’s important to mention here that even with poor credit, people are interested in refinancing me because I did make 24 months of timely payments and, further, I just learned the house is worth $410,000.00. I only owe $135,000.00.

However, the ‘flipper’ is now taking our house away from us. As of December 2, it will be it will be sold and my husband’s entire death benefit lost.

Is this even legal?

While there are a number of issues here that will be dealt with in time, Tabitha needs to first take steps to prevent the ‘flipper’ from taking her home from herself and her children.

Here’s a link to the Tabitha Satterfield Family GOFUNDME.COM established by her Grandfather, Rod Keele on behalf of the SATTERFIELD family. It is Tabitha’s intention to pay off the house and use the 410k in equity as collateral for a loan to repay her donors. This strategy is indeed viable and will be effective in saving her home if the $135,000.00 can be raised in time.

If the total needed is not raised, these monies will be returned to the donors to this campaign.