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Guns are great — or at least most gun aficionados think so. They’re your first line of defense against violence, pests and predators. They’re wonderful to use in learning how to handle yourself — and them — in an emergency.

They’re also a game changer, especially for the women who find themselves in critically dangerous situations when help may — or may not — arrive in a timely manner.

They can be your best ally and a handy method of dealing with the curveballs life can lob your way.

They’re also to be respected and utilized discriminately.

Taken across state lines or revealed in certain situations can bring about a situation in which your rights can be challenged or even dispelled altogether.

Allowing someone to see your weapon can fall under the legal term of ‘brandishing’. Pointing a weapon at another person — even when you feel it’s justified — may result in an accusation of ‘assault’. In short, if you’re going to have weapons you’re going to need to educate yourself and accomplish whatever is required in order to continue to stay apprised.